FLEXcon Industrial has a proven record in contract (toll) coating and laminating with a wide variety of substrates and chemistries in a roll-to-roll format. We have a culture of open collaboration that leads to outstanding proficiency in scale up, process development, and commercialization of our customers’ developmental products. FLEXcon Industrial is Nimble – We adapt quickly to change. Our culture of continuous improvement results in process optimization that drives down costs.

  • Custom coating, laminating, and mixing
  • Process development and optimization
  • Product development – Stage Gate
  • Scale up from lab to commercialization
  • R&D technical support
  • Quality support and lab testing
  • Equipment investment - if ROI can be justified
  • Private labeling – branded boxes and/or cores (contact us for details)
  • Raw material procurement
  • UL certification

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Mick Grant

R&D / Business Development Manager

✉ mgrant@flexconindustrial.com

☎ (210) 798-1913

Operations Management

Strategy Deployment

FLEXcon Industrial develops strategy goals to grow business, eliminate waste, reduce costs, and continuously improve. Continuous improvement is in our DNA. We create detailed action plans and track key performance indicators – currently more than seventy KPI’s are measured and analyzed.

Lean Manufacturing

FLEXcon Industrial’s manufacturing facility utilizes visual management to enhance process development for optimum efficiency. Our methods optimize process flow and quick changeovers and exchange of dies. Our continuous improvement initiatives and culture of lean manufacturing drive quality, service, and costs.

Quality Management

FLEXcon Industrial is ISO 9001-2008 Certified. ISO 9001-2015 certification is in process.

FLEXcon Industrial engages in comprehensive quality assurance through every step of the manufacturing process – from raw material inspection, on line testing, to finished good certification. Our emphasis is on defect prevention and scrap reduction. Additionally, we will provide 100% inspection if necessary. Tight process control and measurements provide consistent product with minimal variation.


Coating / Laminating

  • Reverse Roll
  • Direct Gravure
  • Reverse Gravure
  • Mayer rod
  • Rotary screen


  • Rotostat shear mixing
  • Hockmeyer shear mixing
  • Cowles mixing
  • Propeller and Impeller mixing
  • Henschel mixing
  • Ribbon blending
  • Filtering
  • Blending
  • Color matching


  • Slitting
  • Trimming
  • Sheeting
  • Spooling
  • Die-Cutting

Analytical Lab

  • FTIR
  • Rheometer
  • Viscometer
  • Instron
  • Peel, shear, and tack testing
  • Dielectric breakdown testing